This table stores the command input data which needs to be submitted over several pages of pervasive computing devices.

Column Descriptions:

USERS_IDBIGINT NOT NULLReference number of customer who is owner of this record.
URLVARCHAR (254) NOT NULLURL of command that is currently being buffered.
PARAMETERSVARCHAR (1024)Buffered name-value pairs from URL. This column is deprecated and is provided for backward compatibility only.
CREATEDTIMESTAMPCreation date and time.
PARAMETERS2KVARCHAR (2048)Buffered name-value pairs from URL.
OPTCOUNTERSMALLINTThe optimistic concurrency control counter for the table. Every time there is an update to the table, the counter is incremented.


NameColumn NamesType

Constrained By Parent Tables:

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