List of triggers that are being listened for in marketing activities.

Column Descriptions:

DMELEMENT_IDINTEGER NOT NULLThe identifier of the campaign element.
NAMEVARCHAR (64) NOT NULLThe name of the Trigger to detect.
STOREENT_IDINTEGER NOT NULLThe identifier of the store in which to detect the Trigger.
DMACTIVITY_IDINTEGER NOT NULLThe identifier of the marketing activity to which to send the Trigger when it is detected.
ALLUSERSSMALLINTA flag that specifies if all customers can be waiting for this Trigger, or if only specific customers are waiting for this Trigger. Valid values include: 0 = check that the specific customer is waiting for the Trigger, 1 = all customers are waiting for this Trigger.
FIELD1INTEGERCustomizable field.
FIELD2BIGINTCustomizable field.
FIELD3DECIMAL (20,5)Customizable field.
FIELD4VARCHAR (254)Customizable field.
OPTCOUNTERSMALLINT NOT NULL DEFAULT 0The optimistic concurrency control counter for the table. Every time there is an update to the table, the counter is incremented.


NameColumn NamesType
I0001152NAME+STOREENT_IDNon-Unique Index
I0001153DMACTIVITY_IDNon-Unique Index
I0001154STOREENT_IDNon-Unique Index

Constrained By Parent Tables:

ConstraintColumnsParent TableParent ColumnsType