This table contains the management information of each context service activity.

Column Descriptions:

ACTIVITY_IDBIGINT NOT NULLThis is the generated primary key of the table.
CALLER_IDBIGINTThe caller who is associated with this activity. Foreign Key to the MEMBER table.
STARTTIMETIMESTAMPThe start time of the activity
ENDTIMETIMESTAMPThe end time of the activity.
STATUSCHAR (1) NOT NULLThe status of the activity. U = uninitialized A = active T = terminated E = expired
STORE_IDINTEGERThe store that is associated with this activity. Foreign Key to the STORE table.
RUNAS_IDBIGINTThe user that this activity is to be run under. Foreign Key to the MEMBER table.
LASTACCESSTIMETIMESTAMPThe time that this activity is last accessed. This column will only be updated when the expiry management feature in the Business Context Service is enabled.
OPTCOUNTERSMALLINT NOT NULL DEFAULT 0The optimistic concurrency control counter for the table. Every time there is an update to the table, the counter is incremented.


NameColumn NamesType
I0000831CALLER_IDNon-Unique Index
I0000895STORE_IDNon-Unique Index
I0000896RUNAS_IDNon-Unique Index
I0001299LASTACCESSTIMENon-Unique Index

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