Customizing the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator home page

You might want to customize the home page for the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator that belongs to a particular instance.


  1. Open the WebSphere Commerce development environment
  2. Navigate to the CommerceAccelerator project.
  3. Navigate to the Web Content/tools/common directory.

    The home pages have the following file names:

    File name Version
    AcceleratorHome.jsp Default
    AcceleratorHomeB2C.jsp Consumer direct
    AcceleratorHomeB2B.jsp Business direct
    AcceleratorHomeCHS.jsp Channel hub
    AcceleratorHomeCPS.jsp Catalog asset store
    AcceleratorHomeHCP.jsp Extended site hub
    AcceleratorHomeMHS.jsp Consumer Direct extended site store
    AcceleratorHomeMPS.jsp Consumer Direct storefront asset store
    AcceleratorHomeRHS.jsp Consumer Direct Reseller store
    AcceleratorHomeRPS.jsp Consumer Direct Reseller storefront asset store
    AcceleratorHomeSCP.jsp Supplier hub
    AcceleratorHomeSHS.jsp Supplier store
    AcceleratorHomeSPS.jsp Supplier asset store

    These home page files contain the menu definitions for the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator. If the menu text in the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator does not reflect the terminology that you use in your company, these are the files that you need to update. Furthermore, these files refer subsequently to their respective resource properties files, which are located in the WC_installdir/instance.ear/properties/com/ibm/commerce/tools/properties directory.