WebSphere Commerce EnterpriseFeature Pack 8

Order approval flows (B2B)

During organization setup, order approvals and contracts can be configured to set the criteria that determines which orders require approval. When order approvals are enabled, a Buyer Approver or Buyer Administrator must approve orders that exceed the order total limit that is specified in the contract before orders are submitted for processing. The Aurora starter store contains pages in which Buyer Approvers and Buyer Administrators can view and manage order approvals.

For organizations that have the Order Approvals setting enabled and an order limit set in the contract, a typical order approval flow is outlined in the following steps:
  1. A Buyer submits an order.
  2. If the order total exceeds the limit that is specified in the contract, the order is set to Pending status and an approval email notification is sent to the approvers.
  3. An Approver navigates to the Orders to Approve page (B2B) to view all orders that are waiting to be approved.
  4. An Approver selects an order and reviews the order details on the Order Approval Details page (B2B).
  5. An Approver decides to approve or reject the order.
    • If the order is approved, the order is sent for processing by capturing the payment and sending the order to the fulfillment center.
    • If the order is rejected, the order is canceled and is not sent for processing.