WebSphere Commerce EnterpriseIntroduced in Feature Pack 2

Price list uploads

You can upload price list data to an existing price list with the Catalog Filter and Pricing tool in Management Center. For example, if your company maintains a price list in a spreadsheet, you can upload the data from the spreadsheet to the WebSphere Commerce database. The Price List Upload feature uses the Data Load utility, but the feature provides a user interface that makes the upload process easier.

You can load your price list data from a CSV (comma-separated value) format file. You can upload only one file at a time. You can upload a compressed (.zip) file that contains your CSV file, if required. You can also use the Price List Upload feature to delete price list data from the database.

Other ways of uploading price list data

In addition to uploading price list data with the Catalog Filter and Pricing tool, you can also load price lists using the command-line loading utilities, such as the Data Load utility or the mass load utility. The command-line utilities are recommended for large amounts of data, for example, when initially loading price lists to the store.

DB2When you are using other loading utilities, your existing offer price list must be registered in the STORETPC table so that they are usable in the Management Center tool. See: Registering your existing offer and list price lists in the STORETPC table

Price list uploads for extended sites

If a price list is owned by an extended site store, you cannot upload price data into that price list for catalog entries that are owned by asset stores. You can upload only price data for catalog entries that are owned by the extended site store.