Quality Assurance environment

The quality assurance environment is intended for you to use to complete quality assurance testing, such as functional or performance tests, and to test integrations.

While this environment is fully clustered to support functional and performance testing scenarios, the environment is sized at only a portion of your production environment capacity. The architecture for this environment is designed and managed by IBM and is standard and immutable. You cannot install any additional software components in this IBM Cloud environment. You can customize some aspects of your service applications to meet your business needs, such as to extend or modify some default processes.

Sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (SPII) and Payment Card Industry (PCI) data cannot be included within this environment. You are responsible for ensuring that the data that is used in this environment does not include any sensitive data.

No severity 1 case support is available for this environment. Severity 2 and 3 cases have support hours as described in the IBM Support handbook. For more information, see IBM Support Handbook.

The following diagram shows the topology for connecting to the quality assurance environment to access an application or database.
Image that shows the environment connection topology.
The following diagrams show the topology for the quality assurance environment for each IBM Commerce on Cloud product service offering:
Figure 1: Commerce Service environment

Image displaying the standard Commerce Service with IBM Sterling Configurator environment topology.