Server requirements

To find the latest information about the server requirements, see Detailed system requirements.

Notes about Windows operating systems:
  • Starting from V9.2 Patch 3, only the 64-bit architecture is supported for installing the BigFix server and Web Reports components on Windows systems.
  • The Windows firewall can be either turned off or configured to open the following two ports:
    • Port 52311 for UDP and TCP/IP
    • Port 8083 for Web Reports and TCP/IP
    User Account Control on Windows 2008 and Windows 2008 R2 must be disabled or lowered so that services that do not run as LOCAL SYSTEM are not interfered with by the User Account Control pop-up messages.
  • Windows BigFix servers cannot be migrated to Linux BigFix servers.
Notes about Linux operating systems:
  • IBM DB2 10.5 / V11.5 GA / 11.5.4 / 11.5.5 / 11.5.6 / 11.5.7 / 11.5.8. For information about how to install DB2 server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 64-bit see Installing and configuring DB2.
  • Red Hat packages required by BigFix Linux server and Web Reports components:
    • cyrus-sasl-lib.x86_64
    • libstdc++.x86_64 and all their prerequisites
    • pam.x86_64
    • krb5-libs.x86_64
    • unixODBC.x86_64
    • fontconfig.x86_64 (Web Reports only)
    • libXext.x86_64 (Web Reports only)
    • libXrender.x86_64 (Web Reports only)
    • zlib.x86_64 (Web Reports only)
    • libpng12.x86_64 (RHEL 7 only)
    • numactl.x86_64 (embedded DB2 installations only)
    • pam.i686 (embedded DB2 installations only)
    • libstdc++.i686 (embedded DB2 installations only)

    For the Red Hat 6 operating system, it is recommended to install unixODBC package version higher than 2.2.14.

Minimum disk space requirements to install BigFix server and Web Reports on Linux:
  • BigFix Server: 400MB; DB2: 1GB (6GB recommended)
  • BigFix Web Reports: 200MB; DB2: 700MB
This is the disk space used in each file system for installing the server components:
  • 160 MB in /var
  • 240 MB in /opt
This is the disk space used in each file system for installing the Web Reports components:
  • 170 MB in /var/opt/BESWebReportsServer
  • 30 MB in /opt/BESWebReportsServer