Downloading the correct SQL Server installer

Use this procedure to download the correct SQL Server Evaluation installer before performing a fresh installation of BigFix Server Version 9.5 Patch 7 or higher.

Note: If you do not already have a suitable SQL Server version installed, the BigFix Server installers enable you to automatically install and configure an evaluation version of SQL Server 2016 SP1. To take advantage of this possibility, you must provide the SQL Server 2016 SP1 evaluation installation files.

To download the correct SQL Server Evaluation installer from the web, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the following web page:
  2. In the SQL Server Evaluations section, go to SQL Server 2016 with SP1.
  3. Select the EXE evaluation file type and click Continue.

  4. Fill in the displayed form with the required details and click Continue.
  5. Save locally the SQLServer2016-SSEI-Eval.exe file. Run the file.
  6. If you have a supported Windows OS level, you can choose if you want to install SQL Server or download the installation files only.
  7. Select the language that you want to install.
  8. Important: Ensure that you select the CAB package format. Click Download.

  9. When the download operation completes, open the destination folder. Ensure that you have the following two files:
    • SQLServer2016SP1-FullSlipstream-x64-LANG.exe
    Where LANG is the abbreviated name of the language that you specified in step 7. For example, if you specified the English language the two downloaded files are named:
    • SQLServer2016SP1-FullSlipstream-x64-ENG.exe
  10. Important: In the same destination folder, rename the two downloaded files as follows:
    • SQLServer2016SP1.exe