Migrating Software Knowledge Base Toolkit

Migration of your custom signatures from Software Knowledge Base Toolkit is advisable, because BigFix Inventory provides the same capabilities for creating and editing signatures. Maintaining signatures in only one application saves your time, facilitates the work, and reduces maintenance costs.

Migrated signatures will be stored in the BigFix Inventory database together with the content provided by BigFix, but they will be fully independent and not impacted by any future imports of the BigFix software catalog. You can edit and delete them at any time, and create new signatures directly in BigFix Inventory.

Before you begin

  • Signatures can be imported only to BigFix Inventory 9.2.2 or higher.
  • You can migrate from multiple instances of Software Knowledge Base Toolkit. All unique signatures will be saved in BigFix Inventory, and not overwritten.


You migrated your custom signatures from Software Knowledge Base Toolkit to BigFix Inventory. The software scan will use these signatures to discover your software. Some of your signatures might have been skipped if they did not meet the requirements. You can view information about the skipped signatures in the migration.log file that is in the main directory of the migration tool.