Give us feedback

The BigFix InventoryLicense Metric Tool development team is open to any kind of feedback that can help improve our application and better tailor it to your needs. You can leave your comments or ask questions through several channels.

Use for: quick problem solving
If you are not necessarily looking to give us feedback, but rather need a quick solution to your problem, visit our forum and check whether we already helped in a similar situation. If you cannot find a solution, describe the problem and get help from other experienced users or our team, which constantly monitors the submitted posts. This is not an official, but a very quick way to get support.
Send Feedback
Use for: general feedback, comments for the user interface
If you are having problems with panels and reports in BigFix InventoryLicense Metric Tool, or think that some of them might be improved, just click the Mail icon icon on the main navigation bar at the top right corner. Each panel has a separate button that creates an email message with the panel name, version that you are using, and - of course - your comment. It helps us quickly determine where the problem is and what needs to be done. Or you can just email us at
Service Request
Use for: defects and problems, official support channel
Service Requests, or support case, are an official way of communicating with our support teams. Day and night, in Americas, Europe, or Asia, there is always someone who will find a solution to your problem, regardless of how complicated it may seem.
Use for: ideas for enhancements and new functions
Product Ideas Forum, is a way to submit an idea for a new function in BigFix InventoryLicense Metric Tool.