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Endpoint Manager for Server Automation V9.2 Documentation
Welcome to the Endpoint Manager for Server Automation V9.2 Documentation.
Platform Overview
This section provides you with an overview of BigFix Platform.
BigFix Lifecycle Server Automation provides powerful automation functionality. You can use it to sequence automation actions in steps across multiple endpoints.
IBM® BigFix Lifecycle Server Automation provides you with the capability to automate provisioning workflows. You can automate a sequence of Fixlets, Tasks, and Baselines across different endpoints, such as servers or computers. Server Automation exploits the agility and scalability of IBM BigFix to deliver powerful functionality in a lean and efficient manner, with minimal impact on your network.
Installing Server Automation components
To use BigFix Lifecycle Server Automation, you must install the Automation Plan Engine. The Automation Plan Engine processes your automation flows. To use the virtualization technology, you must install management extenders. The installation roadmap for Server Automation describes each of the steps that you must perform to get Server Automation up and running.
BigFix Lifecycle Server Automation provides you with technology to sequence actions, such as the deployment of Fixlets, across multiple endpoints. To sequence automation, you create an Automation Plan. Your Automation Plan contains all of the actions for your end-to-end automation sequence.
Virtualization is a software technology that allows multiple operating systems to run on the same host computer at the same time. Additional uses of virtualization include the quick creation of new systems for testing, training, and demonstration. Using virtualized computers saves the cost of hardware, management, and administration of the server infrastructure.
Configuring your system
This section describes how the IBM® BigFix architecture is relevant for Server Automation. It also describes how Server Automation can affect IBM BigFix performance.
Sample Automation Plans
Server Automation is shipped with a number of sample Automation Plans that you can run out of the box. To run these Automation Plans out of the box, ensure that the Fixlets contained in them are available. Typically, you would substitute some of the Fixlets contained in these samples with particular Fixlets that you want to run. Use the information in each of the following sections to find out more about each of the sample plans.
Server Automation content
Server Automation provides content that you can use to automate processes and software deployment.