Configuring the AIX download plug-in

Use the Manage Download Plug-ins dashboard to configure the download plug-in for AIX.

About this task

You might want to take note of your existing configuration for the download plug-in. Existing configurations are overwritten when you configure the download plug-in.


  1. From the Patch Management domain, click All Patch Management > Dashboards > Manage Download Plug-ins dashboard.
  2. From the Servers and Relays table, select the server or relay on which the download plug-in is to be configured.
  3. From the Plug-ins table, select AIX Plug-in.
  4. Click Configure.
    The Configure AIX Plug-in wizard displays.
    Figure 1: Configure AIX download plug-in wizard

    Configure AIX download plug-in wizard
  5. Enter your IBM ID and password to download the available updates that you are entitled under an applicable warranty or support agreement.
    Note: Ensure that you linked your IBM ID to an IBM Customer Number (ICN) that is assigned to a valid contract. You can link multiple ICNs to your IBM ID. For linking instructions, see the steps that are described in the announcement at

    To determine the ICNs associated with your current agreements with IBM, contact your IBM Business Partner or IBM Sales Representative. If you do not have an existing IBM ID or if you require further assistance, see the IBM Support Portal.

  6. Enter the proxy parameters if the downloads must go through a proxy server.
    Proxy URL
    The URL of your proxy server. It must be a well-formed URL, which contains a protocol and a host name. The URL is usually the IP address or DNS name of your proxy server and its port, which is separated by a colon. For example:
    Proxy Username
    Your proxy user name if your proxy server requires authentication. It is usually in the form of domain\username.
    Proxy Password
    Your proxy password if your proxy server requires authentication.
    Confirm Proxy Password
    Your proxy password for confirmation.
  7. Click OK.
    The Take Action dialog displays.
  8. Select the target computer.
  9. Click OK.


You successfully configured the AIX download plug-in.