AIX download plug-in

The AIX download plug-ins is an executable program that downloads a specified patch from the website of the patch vendor. To ease the process of caching, Fixlets have an incorporated protocol that uses download plug-ins.

For the Fixlet to recognize the protocol, the related download plug-in must be registered. You must use the Manage Download Plug-ins dashboard to register the download plug-in. After you register the plug-in, you can run the Fixlets to download, cache, and deploy patches from the IBM® BigFix console.

The AIX Download plug-in is updated to utilize the Electronic Customer Care (ECC) services to retrieve AIX updates. ECC replaces the fixget tool to provide a centralized access point to access code updates for IBM systems. Using ECC instead of fixget has a significant impact on the supported protocols utilized for fix server communication and to download updates.

With this change, the Bigfix caching mechanism is utilized to download and cache filesets in the IBM BigFix server, allowing them to be reused for later deployment. This approach tremendously saves time from having to download the same set of filesets every time an action is taken against a Fixlet.

Note: You are advised to register the download plug-in services only on the IBM BigFix server and not on IBM BigFix relay computers.