Set up Apple App Store (iOS and iPadOS) and Google Play Store (Android) Associations

You can create an app catalog of the apps approved by the organization and facilitate distribution to the enrolled Android, iOS, and iPadOS devices. Apps from the Apple App store (iOS and iPadOS) and Google Play Store (Android) can be included to the catalog.

About this task

To include an app from the Apple App store or Google Play Store to the app catalog approved by the organization and add approved apps into the Appstore App Policy, do the following:


  1. From the WebUI main page, click Apps > MCM
  2. On the Modern Client Management page, click Admin > Prestage Installers > Setup Appstore Associations. The following screen appears.

  3. Under Operating System, select the OS.
  4. Under Parameters enter the following:App Name and Bundle ID.
    • App Name: Enter an appropriate name for the app.
    • Bundle ID: Bundle ID of the app from App Store. If you know the Store ID, you can download the metadata of the app from the URL<storeID> and search for “bundleId” in the file to get the bundle ID.

      For example, for Microsoft Outlook, the store ID is 951937596, you can download the metadata file from the URL; and if you search for “bundleId” in the downloaded file, you get “”.

      Alternatively, there are also few web pages that make the bundle ID lookup easier; you can try one of them.

    • Store ID: You can find Store ID from the App Store URL. For example, the App Store URL for Microsoft Outlooks is and the Store ID is 951937596. Store ID must include only the numerical part.
    • Remove app when MDM profile is removed: Select this checkbox if you want to remove the app when MDM profile is removed.
    • Prevent backup of app data: Select this checkbox to prevent backup of app data.
  5. Click Save.


The app is added to the catalogue and listed on the Setup Appstore Associations page. Also when you create anAppstore App Policy, you can view the app listed, if you select the relevant operating system.
To delete an app from the catalogue and disassociate:
  1. On the Setup Appstore Associations page, from the apps data grid, select one or more apps. The blue action bar appears.
  2. Click Delete.

What to do next

While creating an Appstore app policy, you can select one or more apps from this app catalogue to add to the policy and in turn add the policy to a policy group to distribute the applications to eligible mobile devices.