Installing MDM server

You can set up MDM server through WebUI or by running the appropriate tasks from the BESUEM content site. For instructions on setting up the MDM server through WebUI, see Install and manage MCM and BigFix Mobile components. You can find instructions on setting up through BESUEM tasks in this section.

Before you begin

  • Install Docker Engine, Docker Compose, and OpenSSL.
  • Ensure that you have one of these user roles:
    • A Master Operator (MO) with visibility over the MDM Server target machine and visibility of the BESUEM site
    • An Administrator with the privilege to run the installation.
  • Install BES Client on the target computer in which you want to install MDM server. This is because you need to install MDM Server through Fixlets.

About this task

On the BESUEM content site, with appropriate tasks, you can install standalone versions of the Apple MDM Server, Windows™ MDM server, or Android MDM Server. After the installation, you can use other tasks to add more MDM Server capabilities. You can also use these tasks to configure an MDM Server for both Windows, Apple, and Android. The Install BigFix Windows MDM Server task, the Install BigFix Apple MDM Server task, or the Install BigFix Android MDM Server task completes these activities:
  1. Downloads a set of docker images from which is required for the MDM installation.
  2. Installs the services and certificates including the Plugin certificates and the TLS certificate on which the server runs, and the Apple Push certificate if you are installing Apple MDM Server.
  3. Applies all required configurations.