Upgrading the server

Procedure to upgrade the server.

  1. Copy the BigFix Server installation folder to the BigFix Server computer. The default location of the BigFix Server installation folder is %PROGRAM FILES%\BigFix Enterprise\BES Installers\Server.
    Note: If you have a remote database, prior to upgrading see Upgrading a BigFix server with a remote database.
  2. Run the BigFix Server installer (setup.exe) on the BigFix Server computer.
    Note: Before starting to upgrade, the upgrade procedure runs a set of prerequisite checks. If any of them fails, you can do the required corrective actions and then rerun the upgrade procedure. For more information, see Upgrade prerequisite checks.
  3. Follow the installer instructions to upgrade.
  4. Run the Administration Tool BESAdmin.exe to distribute the updated license.
  1. Before upgrading, it is advisable to delete or rename the server_audit.log file to avoid inaccurate interpretation of file encoding.
  2. After upgrading the server to Version 9.5.5 the WebUI must select and get new data due to data movement in the database. This might temporarily prevent the FillDB process from processing the client reports.
  3. The License Key Password cannot contain double quotes and cannot be longer than 35 characters.