Visualization Parameters: General

The General tab of the Visualization Parameters dialog helps you to customize a graphical representation of your network.

This window displays the General tab of the Visualization Parameters dialog under which you can customize a graphical representation of your network.

There are several ways to represent the data:

  • Use Relay structure: Display the network tree from the BigFix Relay point of view. This is the default view.
  • Use Active Directory Structure: Use the Active Directory to map out the network tree for visualization.
  • Use IP Address Structure: Use the IP architecture to map out the network tree.
  • Use Retrieved Property Path Structure: Use standard or custom properties of the client computers to map out a custom network tree. If you select this option, you must specify the path-style property that you want from the section below:
    • Path Retrieved Property: This pull-down menu lists the available BigFix Client properties. Select one of these to define the network graph. A path-style property has a separator string to delimit the parts of the path. For example, if you use an IP address as a path, you would select a period as a separator. Another example is an actual directory path, where the delimiter is a backslash. You can also create your own custom paths by concatenating fields with your own chosen separator.
    • Path Separator String: Enter the delimiter you want to use to parse the path specified above. For example, to create a hierarchy from a directory path, use '\' as a separator string.
    • Reverse Path Hierarchy: Check this box if your chosen path-style property has the most significant part on the right instead of the left.
    • Use first result if the computer has more than one result for this retrieved property: Many properties return a list, rather than a single item. These values can be ignored, or you can check this box to have the first element in the list used for the network map.
    • Group computers with the same retrieved property value: This option creates easy-to-visualize groups from computers sharing the same property.
  • Show labels on leaf nodes: Check this box if you want to display labels next to the computers at the leaf nodes of the network tree.

This dialog is available by selecting Tools > Launch Visualization Tool...