Patching Using Fixlets

You can apply Debian packages to your deployment by using the Fixlets on the Patches for Debian 7 site.

Before you begin

Set up the download whitelist. You can use the available tasks depending on your deployment. For more information, see Site subscription.

About this task

When a new security bug is detected in packages, developers who maintain Debian and upstream authors would generally patch the bugs within days or even hours. When a bug is fixed, a new package is provided on


  1. From the Patch Management domain, click OS Vendors > Debian, and navigate to the patch content using the domain nodes.
    Figure 1. Patch Management navigation tree

    Patch Management navigation tree
  2. In the content that is displayed in the list panel, select the Fixlet that you want to deploy. The Fixlet opens in the work area.
  3. Click the tabs at the top of the window to review details about the Fixlet.
  4. Click Take Action to deploy the Fixlet.
    • You can start the deployment process.
      Figure 2. Take action to start the deployment process

      Take action to start the deployment process
    • You can deploy a test run prior to applying the patch. View the Deployment Results analysis to determine if the dependencies have been successfully resolved and if an installation is successful.
      Figure 3. Take action to deploy a test

      Take action to deploy a test
    • You can view the bulletin for a particular Fixlet. Select the Click here to view the patch page action to view the patch page.
      Figure 4. Take action to view patch page

      Take action to view patch page

    Alternatively you can click the appropriate link in the Actions box.

  5. You can set more parameters in the Take Action dialog. For detailed information about setting parameters with the Take Action dialog, see the BigFix Console Operator's Guide.
  6. Click OK.