What’s new in this release

Become familiar with the enhancements made in MCM for BigFix 10

MCM v1.0.1 updates

  • Support for the BigFix Work from Home Solution

    MCM v1.0.1 supports the BigFix Work from Home Solution. For complete information about the BigFix Work from Home Solution, read The BigFix Work from Home Solution Guide.

  • Performance enhancements

    This release includes a number of stability and performance enhancements and fixes. For capacity planning and configuration recommendations, see BigFix Capacity Planning documentation at BigFix Performance & Capacity Planning Resources.

  • Extended operating system support
    • The MCM solution supports RHEL 8 on MDM Server and Plugin Portal servers with a workaround to install Docker CE+. For more information, see Installing Docker CE+ Docker compose on RHEL8
    • The MCM solution supports Windows 10 (Pro, Enterprise, and Home) running on MCM endpoints.
      Note: Only certain Windows editions support all available operating system features that are configured through MDM. For complete information, see the Windows Configuration service provider (CSP) reference document. Each CSP highlights which Windows editions are supported.
  • Fixlets to upgrade MCM components

    With MCM v1.0.1 release, you can upgrade the MCM components by using Fixlets that are available through the BigFix Console. Take a look at the BESUEM site for the relevant Fixlets.

  • WebUI Health Checks dashboard for MCM serviceability

    The WebUI Health Checks dashboard is available to monitor the health of your BigFix MCM deployments. For more information, see Health Checks.

  • Addressed security vulnerabilities

    Product security vulnerability issues from MCM v1.0.0 are addressed in this release.