Upload part numbers

Part numbers significantly increase the accuracy of bundling assistant, the process that associates the discovered components with products from the software catalog. They will also help you to identify products that are important for your license agreement, and on which you need to focus while preparing for an audit with HCL.

Download part numbers from Passport Advantage

Download the complete list of part numbers for your software from the Passport Advantage portal.

  1. Log in to Passport Advantage.
  2. Click Reporting > Order History.

  3. Fill out the Order History section.
    1. In Site selection, select the relevant sites. These are your company locations that are specified in the agreement with HCL.
    2. In Type of order, select Licenses and Reinstatement and renewal of Software Subscription and Support.
    3. In Sales order date, choose a time range to include all relevant products.

  4. Click Submit detail report.
  5. The list of products and their part numbers is displayed. To save them to a file, click Download report, and then select Comma delimited.

Prepare the part numbers list for upload

Edit the list of part numbers to prepare the list of part numbers of the subcapacity products that will be later uploaded to License Metric Tool.

  1. Open the downloaded report in a simple text editor, like Notepad.
    Note: A simple text editor is recommended only to avoid the formatting that might make the file incompatible with License Metric Tool.
  2. Edit the file. Delete all columns except for the Part Number column.
  3. Save the file into a CSV format.

Upload the part numbers to License Metric Tool

After the file with part numbers is ready, upload it to License Metric Tool to make it available for the bundling assistant.

  1. Log in to License Metric Tool.
  2. Click Management > Part Numbers Upload.
  3. Click Browse, and choose the file with part numbers.
  4. Click Upload.
  5. Go to Management > Data Imports, and run a data import to process the part numbers.

Verify the part numbers

When the data import and the bundling assistance are complete, open the Software Catalog report to see which part numbers were added to your subcapacity-licensed software.

  • Click Management > Software Classification and enable the Imported Part Numbers column.

If the part numbers are not matched with products after you upload the part number file and run import, see: Catalog problems.