Tutorial: Preparing the first audit report

This tutorial provides all the information you will need to properly classify the software in your environment and to prepare your first audit report. All steps and functions have been limited to the minimum of necessity to save your time and to guide you through the easiest path. The main assumption is to use the list of part numbers for your software to improve automatic bundling, and help you complete software classification to generate a relevant audit report.


  • Installation: You have installed the BigFix platform, the clients, and License Metric Tool. See Installing.
  • Configuration: You have scheduled the software and capacity scans, and configured VM managers. See Setting up scans.


  • Basic scenario without complicated customizations.
  • Basic users with up to approximately 5000 computers.
  • The goal is to focus on subcapacity products, and generate a relevant audit snapshot.
  • The tutorial provides a simple, fixed path. After you finish it, you can further explore the possibilities of License Metric Tool and introduce any customizations you want.