Parametizing checks of UNIX content

Use the task that is associated with a particular Fixlet to modify parameters for content from the console.

About this task

You can customize security policies and change the values for defined configuration settings to meet specific corporate policies. Use Endpoint Manager to customize the content in the default Fixlet site by special targeting, customizing parameters, and disabling checks. Custom sites offer greater flexibility.

Fixlet checks can be parameterized to suit each individual situation. Because parameters are stored as site settings, you can parameterize the same check differently for each site containing a copy of the check.


  1. To open a task, click the Check Parameterization link under the Description tab.
  2. Go to the Actions box and see the two actions that are associated with the task. Use the first action to toggle the evaluation and the second action to modify the parameter that is associated with the check.
  3. Click the second link to configure the parameter for the check. The recommended parameter is the default value or the last value that you entered if you previously customized the parameter. Enter a new value or click OK to accept the existing value.
  4. Select the parameters of your action in the Take Action dialog and click OK.


You have now set a parameter for the specified Fixlet, which propagates to the targeted computers to align them with your corporate policy.