Issue state: Open or Noise

Issues not relevant to your application can be designated as "Noise" and removed from the results.

About this task

If a specific issue that AppScan discovers is not relevant for your application (meaning that for your application it is effectively a "false positive" result), for example an issue that exists only in the development environment but will not exist in the deployment environment, you may decide to classify it as "Noise".

There are two display options for issues marked as noise: Included in the Result list but as gray text with a strikethrough, and Not included in the result list at all.


To toggle between the two display options, click View > Show Issues marked as Noise.


When a checkmark appears next to the menu item, issues marked as Noise will be included in the Result list but with gray text with a strikethrough.


Noise definitions are applied in the following way:
  • On the workstation where the scan is configured, noise designations are saved, and automatically applied to future scans, when the scan is saved. (The location of the Noise Classification file is defined in Tools > Options > General tab.)
  • When you open a saved scan even on a different workstation, these issues will be designated as noise for this scan, even if the workstation has different definitions. (However, note that if you save the scan on the second workstation its definitions will be saved to that workstation, overwriting any previous Noise Classification file there.)

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