Base scan

Define the base scan which AppScan should use to decide what is new or changed.

About this task

The Base scan you select must contain both Explore and Test stages for Incremental scanning to be possible. Base scans from AppScan Standard version 10.0.0 and later are supported.


  1. Base scan: Browse to the scan you want to use as the Base scan, or select it from the list of Recent Scans.
    The selected scan is loaded, with its full configuration, and its essential configurations are shown: in the dialog:
    • Starting URL
    • Test Policy
    • Test Optimization
    Tip: Although it is possible to change configuration settings before starting the Incremental scan, so they will be different to those of the Base scan, the Starting URL cannot be changed, and it is not recommended to change Test Policy or Test Optimization settings either, as this would make the Incremental scan findings of little use.
  2. Click Next to continue to the next step of the wizard: Options.