Activating the software

You must activate your software before you can use any AppScan® Source product. AppScan Source provides a License Manager utility that is used for loading and updating license information on your client machine. This utility allows you to view your current license status - or you can use the utility to activate the product by importing a license file or by using a floating license on a license server. When you launch License Manager, it will scan for any licenses that have previously been loaded.

After installing your AppScan Source product, you have three choices for activation:

  • You can launch the License Manager utility from the product installation wizard (upon installation completion).
  • You can launch the License Manager utility after installing the product:
    • On Windows™, launch the utility from the Start menu (in the Programs menu, launch HCL® AppScan Source > AppScan Source License Manager).
    • On Linux™, locate <install_dir>/bin (where <install_dir> is the location of your AppScan Source installation) and run by issuing the command ./
    • On macOS, locate /Applications/ and run by issuing the command ./
  • You can launch the product. If a license has not already been applied for product usage, you will receive a message indicating that a license must be applied before the product can be used. If you click OK in this message, the License Manager utility will open.

To learn more about obtaining, installing, and applying licenses for AppScan Source products, see How to obtain and apply licenses for AppScan Source products and How to install licenses on AppScan Source.

  • The License Manager utility must be launched from the installation wizard or Windows Start menu if you are activating a product with a command-line user interface. If you attempt to use a product with a command line interface without first activating the software, you will receive an error message prompting you to activate your software through the License Manager utility.
  • If you are running the AppScan Enterprise Server without first applying a license, you will receive an error message when you attempt to connect to the server.
  • For complete use of AppScan Source for Development functionality, its license must be applied with the license for AppScan Source for Remediation.