Customizing the AppScan® Source installation

You can customize the installation for the purpose of creating a custom installation wizard - or you can create a custom installer that installs the product silently.

Note: When applying fix packs, you cannot create custom installations. This section does not apply to fix pack installations. To learn how to run fix pack installations silently, see Fix pack installation.

In an enterprise deployment, the AppScan® Source administrator can customize the installation for specific classes of users. Creating a custom installation includes limiting the component availability, selection, or both, as well as defining default values for the installation attributes.

With the Custom Installation Wizard, you can create as many custom installations as necessary, including silent installations. You can manage and standardize the manner in which all the users in your organization install AppScan® Source products.

If you are deploying AppScan® Source throughout a large organization, it is most efficient first to install on a network server and then have users initiate installation from this central point of control.