Updating Service account password in AppScan Enterprise

This section describes about updating Service Account password configured with AppScan Enterprise.

Before you begin

  • AppScan Enterprise V10.0.1 Server or the DAST Scanner(s) should be installed.
  • User trying to reset the password must be AppScan Enterprise configured Service Account user or any user with Administrator privileges.
  • No scans should be running while trying to reset the password through ASE AdminUtil tool. Any progressive scans might be suspended, as the utility restarts all the three AppScan Enterprise and IIS services.

About this task

This section describes about restting AdminUtil password.


  1. Launch the command prompt as an Administrator.
  2. In the command prompt, navigate to the ASE AdminUtil path (The ASE AdminUtil would exist in the AppScan Enterprise installation folder.)
  3. Execute the command aseadminutil.exe -updatesvcpwd and press [Enter]. The command prompts you to enter the new password.
  4. Enter the new password to be reset and press [Enter].
  5. Re-enter the new password again to confirm and press [Enter].
  6. The following command execution process begins, wait for these actions to complete:
    • AppScan Enterprise Application service stopped
    • AppScan Enterprise Application service updated
    • AppScan Enterprise Application service started
    • AppScan Enterprise Agent service stopped
    • AppScan Enterprise Agent service updated
    • AppScan Enterprise Agent service started
    • AppScan Enterprise Alert service stopped
    • AppScan Enterprise Alert service updated
    • AppScan Enterprise Alert service started
    • IIS instance username information updated
    • IIS instance password information updated
    After these actions are complete, the Password is updated successfully message is displayed indicating that password reset is successful.
  7. Login to the AppScan Enterprise application with the new password you have reset to confirm if the password is successfully reset.
    Note: The AdminUtil should be executed on the AppScan Enterprise Server and all the systems where the DAST Scanner(s) are installed.