Identifying the servers and domains in your installation

Servers and domains are considered global properties. When you add a Starting URL to a content scan job, its domain is automatically added to the Servers and Domains page on the Administration tab. Any job that uses that domain will have the same properties and rules applied to the URLs that it finds.

About this task

Create additional domains here in the global list to have them considered internal from a reporting perspective. If any domain in the global list is encountered by a content scan job, it will appear in your reports as an internal domain that your organization is responsible for. A domain in the global list will never appear in a report as an external domain that does not belong to your organization. By creating these types of domains you will prevent false positives from appearing in your reports because they will be considered internal. These false positives can affect both dashboard and report results.

Note: The global list is available to both Job Administrators (through the Content Scan job's What to Scan page) and Administrators. It allows them to globally manage the servers and domains from either location (a job or the Administration tab).


  1. Go to the Servers and Domains page of the Administration view and click Create (Create).
  2. On the Create Domain page, enter a name for the new domain and click Create.
  3. On the Edit Domain page, complete the applicable sections (Domain Details and Blackout Periods).
  4. Click Save.