Exporting dashboard or report pack summary data

You can export dashboard, report pack, or history data to produce summaries for offline analysis.

Before you begin

  • Only raw data, excluding charts, that displays in the dashboard or report pack summary tabs will be exported.
  • There is a record limit of 60 000 for exporting to Excel.
  • Links within the Excel spreadsheet can be clicked.
  • You can access Help from the Excel spreadsheet and the PDF.
  • Exporting to Excel, Email, CSV, XML, or PDF will include data from both report pack summary tabs, when visible.
  • A Progress Indicator window will appear during the export process; you can continue working while the export is completed. If you do not see this window, disable your browser's pop-up software blocker.


  1. Find the dashboard or report pack summary you want to export.
  2. Select from one of these output formats from the Export list and click Apply:
    • Excel
    • ExcelXML
    • CSV
    • XML
    • PDF