Exporting issue data

You can export issue data for offline analysis by exporting it to Excel or emailing it as an Excel spreadsheet. This type of exporting differs from exporting report data in that here you can select specific issues to export, rather than the entire report data.

Before you begin

Learn more about exporting issue data:
  • The column data that displays in the report will be exported.
  • Only the issues you select in the report will be exported.
  • There might be times where you select one issue to manage or export, and two instances appear selected in the results; this occurs because the issue actually appears in more than one spot (typically a frame).
  • If you export to email, the report data is attached as an Excel spreadsheet by default.
  • If the data is grouped, only the group level information is exported.
  • There is a record limit of 60K for exporting to Excel.
  • Links within the Excel spreadsheet can be clicked.
  • You can access Help About this Report from the Excel spreadsheet.


  1. Find the report that contains the issues.
  2. Select the issues you want to export. The screen will refresh and the issues you have selected will be highlighted with a gray background.
  3. Select Export to Excel in the Action field and click Apply.
  4. After the export is completed, a standard operating system window appears, giving you the choice of saving or opening the Excel file.