Sample 1: Creating and running a scan using web services

This sample leads you through creating and running a scan.

Before you begin

Here is a sample Java file you can download to use in this workflow: (If file doesn't download, right-click the link and save the file to your hard disk drive.)


  1. Retrieving a list of templates. (This REST service will retrieve a list of available job templates.)
  2. Creating a scan job based on templates. (This REST service will create a scan job and an associated report pack based on a specific template.)
  3. Configuring job options. (This REST service will configure content scan job options, such as adding a Starting URL.)
  4. Updating a folder item action. (This REST service will update the action (start scan, suspend, cancel, end, resume) of a folder item (job, report pack, dashboard).)
  5. Wait until the job and report pack have run. (See the Sample java file for details.)
  6. Look at the results: