AppScan Enterprise REST APIs

About this task

The REST APIs are available through an interactive page that is created using Swagger framework. Access the interactive page, https://%3Cdomain%3E:9443/ase/api/pages/apidocs.html, to view and run the API (s) to understand its functionality better.

Note: From the AppScan Enterprise version release onwards, all the APIs available under Scan Managements API are made available also through Swagger .

The following lists the APIs available in AppScan Enterprise:

APIs Description
login Login to application passing username and password.
keylogin Login to the application using generated apikey.
logout Log out from the application.
applications APIs to perform ‘Applications’ specific operations like create, edit, delete, export etc.
appimport APIs to import application details from files, fetch the status and a summary log of import.
appattributedefinitions Get application profile template details.
access Application Access Control – APIs to create, edit, list and delete user access to applications.
issuetypes APIs to create, edit, list and delete issuetypes.
issues APIs to generate various reports, update an issue, get issue details, get status of report job etc.
issueimport APIs to Import issues from a file, fetch status and summary log import.
scanners APIs to list scanners and get an icon for the given scanner.
issueattributedefinitions API to get issue profile template details.
dashboard API to get dashboard raw data.
summaries APIs to get the summaries and count of applications/issues for a given specific query.
templates APIs to get the list of templates, upload and download a template, fetch template details.
scansmanagement APIs to list and modify the activities of scans.
folderitems APIs to list, create, edit, delete folder items, list reports, retrieve scan log, statistics etc.
jobs APIs to create, edit, download dast.config jobs, perform an action, update scan configuration etc.
folders APIs to create, edit, delete list folder items, modify role for a folder etc.
tespolicies APIs to list all the available test policies and list the policies user has access to.
reports APIs to get reports data, issues details etc in XML format.
account APIs to get, generate and delete API key.
currentuser_v2 API to get current user info.
usertypes APIs to list, create, edit, delete user types and list user type related permissions.
usersecuritypermission APIs to Create, list and delete user security permissions.
consoleusers APIs to create, edit, list and delete users.
servergroups APIs to create, edit, list and delete servergroups.
standards APIs to list the available compliance standards and list the sections of given compliance standard.
trends APIs to get the trend data for a given metric type and recalculate the trends.