Database Connection

Enter the SQL Server name, port number, and the name of the database you are connecting to. You can click Test Connection to make sure you can connect to the SQL Server. The configuration wizard does not proceed until the connection is successful.

  1. The syntax for the SQL Server name has changed with the introduction of Liberty support. ".\SQL_SERVER_NAME" no longer works. Use "HOSTNAME\SQL_SERVER_NAME" instead.
  2. If your environment uses a named SQL Server instance for the AppScan Enterprise database, make sure that TCP/IP is enabled in the SQL Server configuration manager, and restart the SQL services for SQL Server. Use the port number of the named SQL Server instance instead of the default port number (1443).
  3. If you have multiple instances and want to remove an instance that is no longer required:
    • Clear the Use default name check box.
    • Select the name of the relevant instance, click Remove, confirm the removal when prompted, and finish the wizard.