Track progress with executive dashboards

Use the dashboard to track and consolidate the severity metrics and trends of your web applications or website over time. You can combine data from different business areas (such as sales, marketing, or products), specific issue types, or developers so you can see a complete picture of your web properties or applications. Security analysts or web managers can use this high-level view to quickly study interactive reports about the issues.

There are two types of dashboards available: graphical and spreadsheet. You can arrange with HCL® Software Services to customize other dashboards for your organization.

Job and report administrators can choose which report packs appear in certain dashboards, providing more flexibility to support the widely varying rules and responsibilities of various web properties or applications.

Note: How you structure the dashboard depends on how the contributing report packs are structured. For example, you will not be able to create a dashboard based on geographical locations unless the report packs are also based on geographical locations.

Dashboard tasks

In any dashboard, you can:

  • View report data from one or more report packs side by side
  • View summary data from one or more report packs side by side
  • View trend information for report and report pack data
  • View the evolution of the number of pages and correlate it with the number of issues for your organization
  • Export or email the dashboard data to Excel, ExcelXML, CSV, XML, and PDF