Measuring progress

Use the dashboard to track various metrics and trends of the applications in your organization. Depending on your user role, you will only see dashboard charts of the asset groups you belong to.

About this task

The risk rating is based on a combination of highest detected issue severity and business impact. Higher numbers indicate increased risk. Focus your security testing efforts on those applications first. The default risk rating calculation results in a value (0 - 25). The values map to the description text in the summary charts.

Value Description
0 Unknown
1-8 Low
9-14 Medium
15-19 High
20-25 Critical


  1. Go to Main menu > Dashboard to begin your triage process.
    dashboard image
  2. In the top banner area, select a business unit from the drop-down menu to fine-tune the display, or analyze the portfolio in its entirety.
  3. Select a chart to analyze.
    Note: Trend data is kept for 24 months, ending with the current month. Historical data accumulation begins with the month that you first start to create apps in ASoC.
  4. To navigate into the charts by using the keyboard, press the tab key until the focus is on the chart.
    1. Press the right arrow key to enter the chart, and press the down arrow key to focus on the axis of the chart.
    2. Use the down and up arrow keys to move between the axes of the chart. You can use the right arrow key to enter the elements of an axis, and use the left arrow key to return to the axis.
      Note: Key summary:
      • Enter a chart: Right arrow, down arrow
      • Navigate areas of a chart: Up and down arrow
      • Enter an area of a chart: Right arrow
      • Leave an area of a chart to move up a level: Left arrow