Filtering your application inventory

When you have many apps to test for security issues, how can you find the ones that you are interested in when the list is so huge? Filter your inventory by business unit or risk rating to reduce the testing scope.


  1. On the My Applications tab, click filter inventory icon, and select a business unit or a risk rating to filter the list of applications.
  2. Use the search field to quickly search application attribute text fields for specific words or multiple words, such as the name in the Tester attribute.
    Note: The search field uses full-text search.
  3. To find a specific app, sort by that name or enter an attribute or partial attribute in the search field.
    Note: When you search by an attribute that has multiple values, for example, Hosts or Tags, the search returns results that match any of the values.
  4. There are five columns that display application attributes by default (Risk Rating, Name, New Issues, Business Unit, and Business Impact). You can customize the column view to show only the information that you need. Go to Column Selection and select the relevant data columns to display. For example, you might include Total Issues so that you can always see how many issues need to be triaged.