Legacy AppScan Presence

This section describes the legacy version of the AppScan Presence, V1. This version will be supported only until October 1, 2022.

The legacy AppScan Presence (V1) includes two components, a Private Site Server for scanning private sites, and a Proxy Server for incorporating scanning as part of your own functional testing. You should use this version if you require the DAST proxy, otherwise you are encouraged to download and use the current Presence (V2).
Private Site Server

For web apps that are not accessible from the Internet you must create an AppScan Presence, with access to the web app or back-end server, and to the Internet, to be able to scan. Then follow the regular instructions for dynamic scanning. Proxy connections are supported.

Proxy Server

In the world of DevOps it's increasingly important to be able to incorporate security scans in the functional testing process for your web apps. If you use an automation framework (such as Selenium), you can take advantage of the scripts that are already written to create tailor-made scans. The requests from the automation framework to the web app are sent through the Proxy Server proxy. The server records the traffic and saves it as a .config file. You then upload the file to be used by Application Security on Cloud as Explore data for a scan. You can also send traffic through the automation server proxy manually, to create a .config file.