Former IBM Users

Path for former IBM users who have not yet created their HCL Software ID.

About this task

As of January 2020, to continue using HCL AppScan on Cloud (ASoC), former IBM users must create an HCL Software ID, to replace their IBMid, using the same email address.


  1. On the ASoC Landing Page, click Login.
  2. At the Login screen, type in the email address that was your IBMid.
    Important: You must use your IBMid and not a different email address.
  3. In the "Important" dialog that appears, click Create HCL Software ID.
  4. In the "Login" dialog, click the Sign Up link below the Sign In button.
  5. In the "Create Account" dialog, fill in the fields and click Register.
    You will be sent a verification email from the "Okta" system.

  6. Open the email and click Activate Account, then return to the "Create Account" dialog from the previous step.
  7. Click Back to Sign In.
  8. Type in your credentials and click Sign In.
    You are asked to select an image as your account icon. This is a security feature.

  9. Select an image as your account icon, and select Create My Account.

    Your HCL Software ID is created and you can continue using ASoC as usual. From now on you log in with your HCL Software ID.