Using a browser

Manual Explore enables you to focus the scan on specific parts of your application.


  1. Click the plus icon > Chromium browser.
    The browser opens, with the Record button selected (grayed out)., and begins recording your actions.
    Note: If your website login does not support Chromium, select Internet Explorer instead.

    If you have configured AppScan® to use an external browser for scanning (Options > Use External Browser > Select Browser), you will be given the choice of recording the login with either the AppScan browser or the external browser. If possible it is recommended to use the AppScan browser for the login recording (even if using a different browser for scanning), as it records extra information that improves login success during scanning. If recording the login with the AppScan browser does not work for your application, use the external browser.

  2. Browse the site manually, completing data and clicking on links as you go.
  3. When you have finished exploring close the browser.
    For each recorded sequence (when selected), the right hand pane shows the URLs that you explored.
    Tip: You can remove unwanted steps from the sequence by selecting the specific URL and clicking the minus icon