Traffic recorder troubleshooting

If your external device is configured correctly, AppScan's external login recorder and external traffic recorder will show the traffic sent from the device as you send it. This section offers suggestions if it does not.

Use the following checklists to review possible causes of the poblem

  • Check that Postman is installed. ADAC has been tested with Postman 7.33.x.
  • Make sure that the following settings are configured in Postman:
    • Settings > General tab > SSL Certification must be OFF.
    • Settings > Proxy tab > Use system proxy must be ON, and all other settings in that tab should be OFF.
  • In your OS Settings > Proxy Setting > Manual Proxy Setup, verify that either:
    • Use proxy server is OFF, or
    • If Use proxy server in ON, verify that:
      • It is configured for AppScan
      • Don't use the proxy server for local addresses check box is not selected
  • Check that SoapUI is installed. ADAC has been tested with SoapUI 5.6.0
  • Verify that no additional instances of SoapUI were open when AppScan opened it.
    Note: The configuration changes that AppScan makes when it opens SoapUI (IP and port), affect all instances. It is therefore recommended that no other instances be open when AppScan opens SoapUI, or at any time you are using it with AppScan. When you close AppScan, SoapUI is closed too, and the configuration change is reverted.
  • If you are using SSL and are unable to send traffic, refer to SSL with SoapUI.