External Login Recorder

When you manually explore using AppScan as recording proxy, this recorder displays traffic received during login, and enables you to edit and approve it for use logging in to the application during the scan.

The External Login Recorder opens when you click Login Management > Record > Use external device, and is used for recording the login sequence from an external device.




Shows whether incoming connections are being recorded, and other status messages.

Listening on port

Shows the current port assigned to the recorder.

Recording Proxy Configuration

Opens Options > Recording Proxy tab to change the port, or any other recording proxy configurations.

Login Requests sent

Shows all requests recorded during the Manual Explore. Requests from domains that are selected in the left pane are shown in black; others are gray.

Stop recording

Stops recording incoming requests, but leaves the dialog box open for review and editing the login sequence.

To delete individual requests from the list that are not relevant to the scan, select the request and then click the Minus icon

minus button

Use to delete unwanted requests from the Login sequence. Active only when one or more requests are selected.


Saves the recording and closes the recorder.


For the full workflow, see Record login with an external client.