Page Structure (DOM) Filtering

Working with page structure filtering in AppScan Enterprise.

Occasionally unique pages that you do want scanned may be filtered out. After the scan runs in AppScan Enterprise you can review the filtered pages, to see if this has happened, by doing the following:
  • Examine the Progress tab of the scan. Look for “CRWAD03010I: Skipping URL (Similar DOM was already scanned)" in the scan log. This indicates a page that was filtered from the scan because its structure (DOM) is considered to be similar to that of a previously explored page, and therefore probably contains no new elements to test.

  • Examine the Filtered Links report on the Results page of the scan. Look for "Similar content limit exceeded" as the reason.

If you find that non-duplicate pages have been filtered out of the scan, and you have administrative privileges, you can change the filtering configuration. In Explore Options view, try clearing the second check box (Likely Similar DOM) and scan again to see if this solves the problem. If it does not, you can disable the feature altogether by clearing the first check box (Similar DOM).